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Accounting Office Poznan
Krafton Accounting LLC, LLP.

132 Promienista Street, 60-142 Poznań
+48 618 607 910,

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Biuro Rachunkowe Krafton Accounting Poznań

+48 618 607 910,

Which accounting office is the right choice?

1. Do you know the history of the creation and rules of operation of the accounting office?

2. Do you know for what type of clients the accounting office provide its services? What field, what size, what legal form?

3. Can you phone the accounting office’s clients to get the references?

4. Do you know what is the responsibility of the accounting office and what you are responsible for?

5. Can you check the amount of civil liability insurance of the accounting office?
Does it have additional security for possible damage?

6. Does the accounting office inform you about changes in tax law on a current basis?

7. Does the accounting office answer your questions quickly and efficiently?

8. Does the accounting office inform you about the deficiencies in the booking documents
and remind you of important dates on a current basis?

9. Do you know how tax inspections ended to clients of the accounting office?

10. Can you choose a system of settling works done by the accounting office that is convenient for you?

11. Do you have constant access to your books of accounts?

12. Do you see the involvement of the accounting office in searching beneficial solutions for you?

13. Do you know how many employees work for the accounting office? What is its model of working with clients?

14. Does accounting office team consist of qualified accountants and personnel? Do they have experience?

15. Have you got a personal accountant that takes care of you and that you can always count on?

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