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Biuro rachunkowe Poznań
Krafton Accounting LLC, LLP.

132 Promienista Street, 60-142 Poznań
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Biuro Rachunkowe Krafton Accounting Poznań

+48 618 607 910,

Our team



She knows where to look at, what to look for, she will make all the accounts be on an even keel. She adores badminton. If you beat her on the court – she will take you for lunch.

Sebastian księgowy


He is the life and soul of the party. He puts both clients and officers during the inspections in a good mood with his personal charm. He finds good humor in the cinema.

Dagmara samodzielna księgowa


A senior accountant who started her career with Krafton. She carries out her duties scrupulously, paying attention to every detail. In her free time, she loves dancing and computer games.



A senior accountant with great ambitions. She is a well-balanced and calm person, and she always gets down to accounting with a smile. She likes relieving her stress by playing on PlayStation.

Młodsza księgowa Klaudia


A senior accountant. She sees the world through rose-coloured glasses. She always sees the sun shining and wears a happy smile on her face. Owing to her passion for singing, she books invoices with passionate accuracy.

księgowa Marta


Management board assistant who is not scared of any phone call. She cares about the efficient functioning of the office. He greets all customers with a wide smile and delicious coffee. She loves to feel the wind in her hair when she travels around the world in her cabriolet.

księgowa Roma


A senior accountant who focuses on professionalism, trying to meet her challenges. She is an expert in healthy food and loves running.


As an accountant, she is scrupulous and avid for knowledge.  Although she is not a good swimmer, she can always make it to the top, even when thrown in at the deep end. She loves English and she can handle any translation job.


A cheerful and ambitious payroll specialist. She works efficiently and sends everything on time. Her thirst for knowledge and new challenges amazes everybody. She loves climbing mountains and travelling.


Księgowy Adam


A great man for great tasks. He shows not only knowledge of accounting and taxes in the office, but also IT skills. He believes that a day without coffee is a day wasted.

księgowa Karolina


Mrs. Chairwoman of the accounting student research club, who rules in college. No information will hide from her, her detective nose will detect any irregularity.

Natalia młodsza księgowa


Junior accountant who stays calm in every situation. Always willing to help everyone, she has the good of the whole office in mind. Her two weaknesses are cats and sweets.


A function specialist in Excel. He is not afraid of complicated tasks and will quickly deal with even the largest number of documents. He zips on the keyboard as fast as on the road. His hobby is revamping cars.


The youngest person in the team who constantly surprises others with her knowledge and perceptiveness. She learns very quickly, likes to analyze and look for irregularities. Always full of energy and optimism, she infects everyone with her smile.


A young assistant whose passion is taxes. She always takes care of order and scrupulously performs her tasks. After work, she relaxes with a good book and often by drawing as it puts her in a good mood.


Experienced human resource manager who is not afraid of any task and willingly accepts new challenges. Her calm nature means that she performs her duties with extreme care and precision. She relaxes while working in the garden and cycling.

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