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Biuro Rachunkowe Krafton Accounting Poznań

+48 618 607 910,

Our team



She can read a trial balance with her eyes closed and she will straighten out all the books of accounts! She will take on any tax challenges and even more. She loves playing badminton, if you beat her on the court – she invites you to lunch.

Sebastian księgowy


The soul of the company, with his personal charm, he puts in a wonderful mood both customers and controllers during tax inspections. He recharges good humor at the cinema.

Dagmara samodzielna księgowa


She smiles every day and is a source of positive energy. She bravely approaches new challenges, not only in life but also in accounting. She has a weakness for unusual names, especially male names 😉


Independent accountant with big ambitions. She is balanced and calm, she always approaches accounting with a smile. She likes to de-stress with a good PlayStation game.

Młodsza księgowa Klaudia


Joanna, an energetic and optimistic HR specialist, always finds solutions to problems. She’s full of enthusiasm, and her positive outlook on life infects those around her, making everyone feel good in her company. Besides, she’s a book enthusiast who loves spending time reading..

księgowa Marta


Olga, an assistant accountant, aims to develop her skills in the field of accounting. She’s open to learning and always eager to take on new challenges. Her patience and pleasant demeanor earn her the respect of others, and she never refuses to help.


księgowa Roma


Independent accountant who focuses on professionalism, no challenge frightens her, especially with withholding tax. She is a specialist in healthy eating and a lover of running.


Magda is an accountant who excels at focusing on every task. Her calm nature allows her to perform her duties with remarkable care and precision. Friendly and empathetic, she’s always ready to support others. Magda adores her garden and enjoys long walks in nature



Cheerful and ambitious HR specialist, she performs her work efficiently and professionally. She is eager for knowledge and new HR challenges but also crazy about travel and mountains.


Accounting who will take on any task! He learns quickly, makes amazing progress and is happy to help sort out the accounting problems of any company. In addition to bookkeeping, he loves good food – he always has the largest breakfast of the whole team.



HR specialist who supports the team from a distance, but always knows all about employee issues. She doesn’t like to waste time and it is hard to catch her for a chat but she always has a big smile on her face.


Accountant and mathematician in one who strives for perfection, working with us brings her to tears … but tears of joy 😊. She has an amazing ability to switch off and focus. After work, he likes to relax by kicking a punching bag and she is against Lego bricks 😉.



Independent accountant with very extensive experience. She is very happy to share not only her knowledge but also the delicious things she likes to bake after work. What she loves most is strong coffee, good food and her two cats.


Accountant for special tasks! Her specialty is accounting for construction companies. After work, she goes for walks with Gracia (her dog) and reads good books under a warm blanket.



Marcel, a sharp, inquisitive, and enthusiastic assistant accountant, isn’t afraid of challenges and strives for success. He works best in silence, enjoying grandma’s freshly baked croissants.


Donata, an experienced HR specialist, is firmly grounded and unafraid to fight for what she wants. She enjoys engaging in substantive discussions because she likes sharing knowledge. She’s also a travel enthusiast.



Ania is calm and balanced, approaching her work with a smile on her face. After a tough day, she likes to relax with a yoga session.

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